The work

Our client, Nice Place Property Management, informed us that they had just won a case in the Tenancy Tribunal where a tenant’s cat had urinated and torn the curtains. Significant replacement costs were involved, but our client was able to prove in the Tenancy Tribunal that the situation would knowingly cause damage, and it was wasn’t a case of being an accident.  The Tribunal agreed and awarded the landlord the replacement costs via the tenant. Winning a case like this for property managers was not regular in the current climate, so Phillips & Phillips recognised it as an opportunity to engage the media and tell a story.

We constructed a media release, a targeted media list, and then selected our primary targets for follow up.

The outcome

The story was picked up within the day and published in national news. It was also picked up in the Property Institute magazine. Phillips & Phillips rewrote the release into an article for this purpose.

As a result of the news coverage, our client is now a key contact for the media to ask opinions and insights on property management related news.

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